Whistleblowing system

WhistBoard is a whistleblowing tool tailor-made for small, medium and large companies.

Whistleblowers in your company

Provide secure, two-way communication between your organisation and your reporters

Thanks to the efficient handling of reports, the notification system and the easy access to statistics, the WhistBoard system makes it possible to detect irregularities and to react in advance. For the organisation, this means avoiding or minimising possible losses.


WhistBoard is a system in which the whistleblowers' data are fully secure.

Handling the entire whistleblowing process

The system allows reports to be managed and appropriate action to be taken / responsible persons assigned, which significantly reduces the response time.

Easy and fast implementation

WhistBoard runs in the cloud and is accessed via a browser. Thus, no involvement of the organisation's internal IT department is necessary in the implementation.

We meet international standards

Deviniti, the software developer, is ISO27001 certified. The whistleblower form we have created meets WCAG 2.1 standards.

We carry out application pentesting and our servers are located in the European Union.

Dekra - certyfikat ISO
WCAG - certyfikat

whistleblowing system

Why implement the WhistBoard tool
for whistleblowers?


WhistBoard is all about:

Ease of use

The ease of reporting for whistleblowers means greater security for your business and the ability to respond quickly to situations that threaten your business.

Anonymous reporting

The system allows for anonymous (or open, if the whistleblower so wishes) reporting of irregularities by whistleblowers in a company - both to employees and stakeholders.


Does your company have special guidelines for external IT tools? Do you need a tool that supports multiple languages? Besides a tool you are also interested in legal advice in the field of whistloblowing/compliance? Contact us and together we will find a solution to your problems!

About the developers of the Whistboard whistleblower system

IT and Law
with a shared goal

WhistBoard is the result of the work of two organisations:

Deviniti – software house, which is responsible for the programming part of the project and project management.

Olesiński i Wspólnicy – consulting company that contributed to the project with its legal knowledge and long-standing experience in supporting organizations in ensuring compliance with the law.

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