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WhistBoard is a cloud-based application specially designed for whistleblowers. It allows whistleblowers to report and manage irregularities, in particular to conduct and document investigations. WhistBoard is the answer to the challenges resulting from the so-called Whistleblowing Directive.

Yes, a whistleblower can make a report in a fully anonymous manner. WhistBoard guarantees this anonymity by implementing a number of IT safeguards and a simple mechanism for making reports.

First of all, WhistBoard does not require the whistleblower to log into any system. While accepting a report from a whistleblower in anonymous mode, the application does not require any contact data from him/her. If the whistleblower decides to make a report in the form of a file (e.g. pdf), the application will clean it of the so-called metadata allowing to identify the author of the file. Thus, persons managing the report do not have any possibilities of breaking the anonymity of the whistleblower.

On the technical side, the application does not monitor the whistleblower’s movements on the site, and the encrypted server guarantees the security of the data collected within the notifications.

Each person with a unique link to a company’s whistleblower form.

Yes, if a whistleblower chooses to send his or her report in public, his or her information will only be available to those assigned to the company account handling the reports.

Yes, but this is only possible if the whistleblower retains the unique link to the dialog generated after the report. This is the only form of contact between the WhistBoard application operator and the anonymous whistleblower. Importantly, the application does not monitor in any way who the person running the dialog is.

Using the simple whistleblower form found at the unique link generated by WhistBoard. It is not required to register with the service. When submitting a whistleblower report, the whistleblower can include attachments related to the report.

WhistBoard allows for quick and effective management of whistleblower submissions and guarantees their anonymity in compliance with all current legal requirements concerning whistleblowing. Entities using WhistBoard thanks to the applied solutions (e.g. anonymous notifications, dedicated form, transparent interface) have the possibility to efficiently carry out explanatory proceedings with respect to each report and inform the whistleblower about the form of its termination. WhistBoard is also a complete archive of whistleblower submissions and actions taken by the company.

Yes, WhistBoard operators have the ability to generate a report on a specific request or all requests logged by the application.

Yes, through the “Adding an internal notification” option available to every WhistBoard operator. When saving a request received outside the system, the operator also has the option to add an attachment to the application.

Yes, WhistBoard allows you to manage a whistleblower request and record all actions taken to clear it. Each action taken is visible in the report history

WhistBoard is currently available in Polish, English and Russian.

Yes, WhistBoard fully meets the challenges posed by the Whistleblower Protection Directive for businesses. In the future, it will also be adapted to the Polish law implementing the directive – if it introduces additional requirements.

Yes, if the bill expands the catalog of obligations imposed on businesses, WhistBoard will be tailored to meet all requirements.

Yes, it is possible to get a 7-day trial access by sending such a request using the form on the  website https://whistboard.com/en/contact/

Yes, the operation of the system was presented on the demo video of the tool. There is also a possibility to check the functionality of WhistBoard during an individual presentation – if you are interested in the first or second form of seeing WhistBoard, please contact us using the form on https://whistboard.com/en/contact/

Yes, upon request, there is the possibility of after-sales support in the form of, among other things, handling notifications made by whistleblowers.

WhistBoard’s current price list can be found on the tab available at https://whistboard.com/en/pricing/. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form at https://whistboard.com/en/contact/

WhistBoard runs in the cloud and can be accessed via a browser. The application does not require installation.

Yes – the ability to customize the graphical interface to meet the requirements of the organization is available in the Enterprise package – for more details, please refer to the price list available at https://whistboard.com/en/pricing/


Yes, it is possible to prepare a “tailor-made” version of WhistBoard for the needs of a given organization. In order to discuss this topic, please contact our consultant using the form available at the following link: https://whistboard.com/en/contact/

From the selected access package to the WhistBoard application. The packages differ among others in the number of operators or application channels. For more details, please visit https://whistboard.com/en/pricing/

WhistBoard is offered as a standard 1-year license.

The Whistleblower Protection Directive must be implemented across the European Union by 17 December 2021.

The obligation will cover the public sector (e.g. listed companies) and employers with at least 50 employees.

The new obligations from 17 December 2021 will cover the public sector and employers with 250 or more employees. Employers with between 50 and 249 employees will have to comply from 17 December 2023.

Yes, upon request, there is the possibility of after-sales support in the form of, among other things, handling notifications made by whistleblowers.

The whistleblower protection procedure should be an element of a comprehensive implementation of a whistleblower protection system in every company. WhistBoard can be an element of such a system guaranteeing a record of notifications and actions taken by the company in one place.

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